Server upgrades

Exciting developments regarding your hosting service

Faster CPU

CPU: Up to 30% faster

More RAM

RAM: Up to 50% increase + 30% faster speed

More SSD space

SSD: Up to 100% increase

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Old server New server Current location Move date Old IP New IP
Aphrodite Aphrodite Netwise House 17/01/2017
Apollo Apollo Netwise House 24/02/2017
Ares Ares Netwise House 06/02/2017
Artemis Artemis Netwise House 30/01/2017
Athena Athena Netwise House 10/03/2017
Demeter Demeter Netwise House 17/03/2017
Dionysus Dionysus Netwise House 26/09/2017
Hera Hera Netwise House 05/09/2017
Hermes Hermes Netwise House 28/09/2017
Hestia Hestia Netwise House 19/09/2017
Poseidon Poseidon Netwise House 03/10/2017
Zeus Zeus Netwise House 02/05/2017
Pluto Pluto The Bunker 07/12/2017
Ceres Ceres The Bunker 21/11/2017
Eris Eris The Bunker 11/12/2017
Sedna Sedna The Bunker 28/11/2017
Olympus Hera Netwise House 21/09/2017
Valhalla Zeus Netwise House 14/09/2017
Orcus Orcus The Bunker 23/11/2017
Elysium Poseidon Netwise House 05/10/2017
Varuna Varuna The Bunker 30/11/2017