Your Hosting Heroes

Absolutely committed to saving your day


Founding partner

Frustrated with web hosting companies overcharging and under-delivering, and generally providing a shoddy service, Simon decided that he could do things a whole lot better, and set up Krystal in 2002, aged 17.

He has a degree in Computer Science from Exeter University, and spends most of his time working on Krystal's strategy and on building a great team to help deliver an even better service to our customers. He's keen on playing piano, chess, and travelling—all at the same time, of course.



Tom brings another 15 years of technical experience to Krystal. Having originally started off building websites and e-commerce applications for businesses when he was at school, he met Simon in 2003 while also studying for his Computer Science degree at Exeter University. Shortly after graduating, he joined Krystal as a full-time partner, handling the majority of our incoming customer support for over a decade.

He is exceptionally good at fixing things and one of the main reasons our support team is so highly rated. As our team has grown over the years, Tom has begun to use his skills and huge experience of the hosting industry to help the rest of our Heroes deliver incredible technical support. He also takes charge of managing the infrastructure that powers our huge network of client sites.

Tom also believes he is awesome at skiing, but, to date, no one else has been able to conclusively verify this.


Team Manager

You'll often find yourself speaking to Emma if you get in touch with us to ask for advice before joining, tweet us, or decide to join our affiliate program. She has heaps of experience putting the needs of customers first, and in the past has worked as both an air hostess, and also in retail management.

In her spare time, she runs her own WordPress site (which is Krystal-hosted, of course). If you'd like to get in touch to tell us about what we could do to help serve you better, Emma would love to hear it!


Technical Support

Before Stewart came to Krystal, he was a self-employed gun-for-hire in the IT industry, and had worked all over the place, from the Edinburgh festival, to Afghanistan.

He has been working in IT since 1999—that's 15 years of experience helping users solve their IT and hosting problems. He's a jack of all trades who has seen nearly everything before, and you can count on him to come to your aid with cool and calm assistance, if you ever find yourself in a high-pressure situation.


Systems Administrator

Steve is a veteran of the web, and has been working in the industry for over 20 years now. He's a keen blogger, educationalist, and a huge information security evangelist who relentlessly looks for more ways to keep our customers and their websites secure. And not only that: he also worked as a web designer in a past life, so he knows first-hand the kind of problems you'll come up against when trying to get online.

You'll usually find Steve behind the scenes, tracking spammers, optimising our services, and working hard to make sure your sites run as smoothly as they possibly can.


Security Expert

Frank is our newest team member and at only 22 he's also our youngest. But he's no stranger to computers or the Internet. Back in ‘98 (aged 5) Frank hacked the apartment block phone system where he was living so he could use all of the phone lines for faster Internet. (A man after our own heart, he now just uses Krystal's fast Internet!)

Later, Frank would hack the school system and changed his grades, to prove the bug he'd been reporting for over a year actually existed. Later this passion for security and coding landed him work with Google, finding and reporting security holes in their Chrome browser. Frank is what we call a “White Hat Hacker”—someone who has the skills of a hacker but the moral compass of a citizen. Now, Frank applies those same skills and ethic to Krystal, working to secure our systems on your behalf.