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Using W3 Total Cache with WordPress

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This article describes how to install and get W3 Total Cache working reliably with WordPress running under a Krystal hosting account. It should be noted that a cache system like this will help a busy website, but may not help less busy websites at all. This is because the cache data, once stale, has to be recreated at some point - usually when the next person visits your site.

Step 1 - Install the plugin

Actually, step 1 is backup your website before going any further. Done that? Good! So, login to your WordPress admin Dashboard and click on Plugins from the left nav menu. Then click the Add New button.

Search for W3 Total Cache and install the plugin by clicking the Install Now link.

Step 2 - Configure General Settings

Click on Performance > General Settings from the Dashboard Navigation menu. Enable the Page Cache, and choose Disk: Enhanced as shown.

Scroll down to the Minify settings, and set them as shown. Enable Minify and Manual Minify mode. The remaining settings can be left as defaults.

Enabled the Database Cache as shown.

Enable the Object Cache as shown

Enable the Browser Cache as shown then be sure to click Save all settings

Step 3 - Performance Page Cache Settings

Click on Page Cache from the Performance submenu in the Dashboard. Update the settings as shown and click Save all settings.

Step 3 - Performance Minify Settings

Click on Minify from the Performance submenu in the Dashboard. Update the settings as follows. Click Save all Settings.

Go back to the Performance Dashboard menu and click the Empty all caches button.

Now, open a different web browser (one which is not logged in as an administrator) and go and load a few of your pages - each time you load a new page it will be as slow as it was originally - this is because the cache is being built. Now go and load the same pages a second time and - WOW! Fast huh?

That's it - these are a pretty basic set of settings, but they should work quite well with the broadestr array of WordPress sites. You should seek advice before attempting to tune the settings of W3TC, as it is easy to cause unecessary load on your account's resources.