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Password protected directories don’t seem to work correctly

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The cPanel password protected directories function may not function as expected due to our web acceleration service (NginX).

Krystal run the NginX acceleration server in front of Apache. NginX is much faster at serving static files (files that don't change once they are uploaded, such as images, css, PDF, etc), and uses less memory, making our service more economical.

The downside to this is that NginX does not honour complex Apache rewrites in .htaccess files, or the use of htpasswd based authentication (the kind that's used by the cPanel Password Protect Directories icon in cPanel.)

This means that someone may be able to browse and view certain files in your protected directories without having to provide the username and password you have setup.

For this reason, if you wish to protect static files using the cPanel Password Protect Directories feature then please contact us so we can turn off Nginx for your specific domain. This may affect the performance of your website slightly, but it will allow you to use this functionality.