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My database isn’t showing in PHPMyAdmin!

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If you've just created a database via the MySQL Databases section of cPanel, you may occasionally find it doesn't display immediately within PHPMyAdmin (stopping you from importing data to it). First thing to say is, don't panic if this happens! This is almost always caused by a glitch where PHPMyAdmin becomes de-synchronised with cPanel.

The easiest way to fix this is by simply changing your cPanel password. You can do this quickly and easily via the Hosting section of your Client Area - just click on Hosting -> Manage and the option will display there. If you're trying to reset a resold account's password on a Reseller plan, you'll then need to follow the prompt to login to WHM, and reset the password via the List Accounts section.

Once this is done, close and re-open cPanel and you should find the database showing in PHPMyAdmin correctly.

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