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How to view AWStats without logging into cPanel

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This is an advanced topic. If it doesn't work out, then please re-read the instructions and make sure you have followed them correctly. Your raw stats are normally stored in your home directory in the access-logs directory.

Step 1 - setup the public domain

We strongly recommend you create a subdomain (e.g. to host your stats. Make a note of the physical path of the virtual root for your subdomain. This will be something like public_html/subdomain/

If you wish to place your awstats in your cPanel's primary domain then the physical path in your home directory will be just public_html/

Installing AWStats

Download the latest stable release from

Extract the downloaded file locally on your PC

Upload the extracted cgi-bin and icon directories into the virtual root of your domain. If you were installing AWStats into the public_html/ folder it should end up looking something like this once you have finished copying the files and directories:

└── public_html
    ├── cgi-bin
    │   ├──
    │   ├──
    │   ├── awstats.model.conf
    │   ├──
    │   ├── lang
    │   ├── lib
    │   └── plugins
    └── icon
        ├── browser
        ├── clock
        ├── cpu
        ├── flags
        ├── mime
        ├── os
        └── other

In the uploaded cgi-bin directory, chmod the and files to 755

Download a copy of the existing cPanel AWStats config file from your home directory at tmp/awstats/awstats.mydomain.conf (replace mydomain with your own domain name to determine what yours is called).

Edit this file and look for the line beginning with Diricons, which probably looks like this:


Just change this to:


Then, save the file, and upload it to the cgi-bin directory, overwriting the existing one.

You should now be able to browse to your stats at

(replace mydomain with your domain name):