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How to use Installatron with Primary, Subdomains & Addon domains

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This article will show you how to install a web application (such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB etc.) into your primary cPanel domain, a subdomain or an Addon domain using the Installatron automatic installation system. This article assumes you are already logged into cPanel.

Open Installatron

Look for the Installatron icon in the Software/Services section of cPanel.

Searching for an application

This will present you with the Installatron home page. From here you can simply type in its name in the search box provided (top right).

Or browse for your application

Just scroll down to find the application icon and click on it.

Install the application

Click the button install this application

Choosing the right location and domain name when installing your software

Choose the domain you wish to use with your application. It is important to choose whether you want the www in front of your domain name or not. In most cases, your application will still work with or without it, but it will will probably automatically redirect visitors to the version you choose.

Installatron already knows which physical directory each domain is served from, so for standard installations the Directory box is left empty.

The ONLY time you would need to enter anything in the Direcory box is if you want to access your website in a subdirectory of your domain. e.g. If you want your blog to appear at then you would choose from the Choose Domain drop-down and you would enter blog into the Directory box.

Installatron is reasonably intelligent and understands the difference between your primary domain, alias (parked) domains, subdomains and addon domains.

Entering un-necessary information in the Directory box is the No1 reason for your installation to go wrong.

In the example, is the primary cPanel domain, and you can see Installatron has automatically determined the correct physical path /home/krystald/public_html/

Installing an application into an addon domain or subdomain

In this example, we are installing into - which is (as the name suggests) an addon domain on our example cPanel account. Here you can see that Installatron has automatically determined that the installation path is


So again, the Directory box is left blank. If we wanted to install the application into then we would have typed the word blog into the Directory box.

Other settings

Installatron will request various settings for each application, so it is impractical to cover everything here, but we will offer the following advice.

  • Choose your automatic update settings carefully - if you have a heavily customised website you may not want automatic updates to occur.
  • Choose your automatic backup settings carefully - you can quickly run out of disk space if you choose to enable automatic backups with a long retention period. Don't forget, we also provide regular backups automatically.
  • Choose strong passwords!