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How to restore files using R1Soft

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This article describes the steps required to restore your files from the R1Soft snapshot backup system. This article assumes that you are already logged into your cPanel account.

What is R1Soft?

R1Soft is a backup system that takes regular daily snapshots of your Home Directory files and your databases. You can access these snapshots and select any files and directories you wish to restore. Database restoration is currently not available via your cPanel interface, but if you submit a Support Request we will ba able to restore a database backup for you - or alternatively restore your database from the cPanel backups using the Quick Restore function.

Accessing R1Soft

To access your R1Soft backups, just click the R1Soft Backups icon in the Files section of cPanel.

Choose your snapshot

Once you have been authenticated into R1Soft (automatic) you will be presented with a list of Recovery Points.

Click on one of the three small icons in the right hand column on the row corresponding to the snaphot you wish to restore. The meanings of these icons are described in the remainder of this article.

To browse snapshots and restore files and mailboxes (the most common choice)

To download the entire snaphit of your home directory to your computer, click the leftmost icon.

Browse into directories by double clicking their names. Select the items you wish to restore by ticking the checkbox in the leftmost column.

For example, to select your primary domain's website, select the public_html folder as shown below.

To select all mailboxes for a particular domain, browse into the home:mail folder (or type home:mail into the Location box (1) and press ), and tick the box for the folder with the same name as the domain name you wish to restore. In the example below we are restoring all mailboxes for the domain.

When you have made all of your selections and are ready to restore the files, just click one of the buttons at the top of the screen.

  • Restore Selected : This button will restore the selected files into their original location, overwriting any existing files. It is safe to use this method to restore your entire home:mail directory (to recover every mail account within your cpanel account) or any domain's mail (as shown in the above example).
  • Download Selected : This button will allow you to download the files to your computer for safekeeping.
  • Send Selected to Agent : This button will allow you to restore the files as a compressed archive to your home directory - this option is usually not required.

To download the backup of your entire home directory to your computer

Clicking this icon from the Recovery Points screen will allow you to download a backup of your entire home directory to your computer.

To download the backup of your entire home directory and place it inside your present home directory

A bit of a tongue twister this one - but basically, this will place a compressed archive containing your home directory backup in your live home directory. You could then download this using FTP.