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How to restore files, databases, and mailboxes from cPanel backups

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This article describes the steps required to restore files, databases, and mailboxes from the automated daily, weekly and monthly cPanel backups. This article assumes that you are already logged into your cPanel account.

If you have to restore a great many files and directories, it may be quicker to use R1Soft service. Please refer to the article How to restore files using R1Soft

Step 1 - Locate the Restore Manager panel in cPanel

Click on the relevant icon, depending on what you would like to restore.

Step 2

Before you can select which data you wish to install, you will be asked to choose the date of the Backup set you wish to use and the domain name (if relevant).

Restoring Files

For example, if you were restoring files, then you would then be faced with a selection screen where you can choose which files to restore. Then click the Restore button.

Restoring a Database

When restoring databases you only need to select the backup date and the database name.

Restoring a Mailbox

When restoring a mailbox, choose the backup date and the mailbox address/es you wish to restore. Please note: You cannot restore ALL email using backup software. This is the same for any backup service. If an email messagfe arrives and is subsequently deleted BETWEEN backups, then it can't be recovered. Backups can only take a SNAPSHOT of your mailbox as it was at the time of the backup.