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How to create extra FTP accounts for developers

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This article describes the steps required to create an extra FTP account in your cPanel account. This is sometimes useful if you wish to allow someone else to develop your websitem but you do not want to allow them to access the rest of your home directory.

IMPORTANT : You must balance this decision with the fact that extra FTP accounts may be accessed using open/unencrypted FTP connections, and as such may be more vulnerable to hacked should your developer be using an insecure network.

IMPORTANT : Your extra FTP accounts can not be accessed using SFTP (SSH FTP) on Port 722 - However, for increased security they can be accessed using FTP/S (Explicit SSL/TLS FTP). Please search the knowledgebase for FTP SETTINGS to find out more.

This article assumes you are already logged into your cPanel account.

Step 1 - Open the FTP Accounts screen in cPanel

Click on the FTP Accounts icon in the Files area of your cPanel account.

Step 2 - Enter details

  • Login : Enter a login username for the new FTP account - in the example, the actual FTP login username will be
  • Password : Enter the desired password in both fields.
  • Directory : Enter the directory to which to you wish to restrict this FTP account (the user will not be able to browse above this path)
  • Quota : Confirm the maximum amount of space you wish to grant to the above directory and all of its subdirectories.

When complete, click the Create FTP Account button. That's it!

Deleting an FTP account

You can always safely delete an extra FTP account - this will NOT remove the files that have been uploaded.

How to change the settings or password of an FTP account

You can change the password of an extra FTP account by clicking the Change Password link in the FTP Accounts section of the FTP Accounts page.