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How to copy/move a WordPress site from to

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If you have been using for some time, and your blog has grown, you might have come to the point where you want to add more functionality than can provide. Maybe you want to customise your theme scripts, or add custom plugins. Maybe you want to start earning money from your site by using various advertising systems.

So what's the difference between and

  • is basically a way to use a WordPress installation that is managed by the people who make WordPress. The hosting and maintenance is all looked after by someone else.
  • is the WordPress software itself, free to anyone who wants to download it. This allows anyone to install their own copy of the WordPress on any hosting account, with any hosting company (we hope you choose Krystal).

In this article we're going to cover the basic steps required to move your data from your blog to your own installation of the web application. This guide assumes that you will be moving your site from one domain name (usually to a new domain.

If you already host a custom domain with and wish to move it to your own installation, then you will have to firstly move the site using a temporary domain name for your target installation and then later update the target installation to the final production domain. This is more complex, so please contact us for further advice.

Step1 - Install WordPress!

The first thing to do is to get WordPress up and running on your domain. We'll assume that you have already purchased your Krystal hosting account, and have managed to login to cPanel at http://yourdomain/cpanel

Once you are logged in, just click on the Installatron icon and follow the steps to install WordPress.

Step 2 - Export your data from

While logged into your account, go to the Dashboard, and click on Tools > Export.

In the next screen, click on the Export link.

Then access the defaults (which should look like this) and click the Download Export File button.

Step 3 - Import your data into your new installation

From your new installation, choose Tools > Import

From the Import list click on WordPress

You will now be asked to install the WordPress Importer plugin. Install it by clicking the Install Now button. You should then Activate Plugin & Run Installer.

You will then see the Import WordPress screen where you can click the Choose File button and locate the export file you downloaded in Step 2. Then, click the Uplolad file and Import button.

Note: If your export file is larger than the limit shown on the screen (in this case 100Mb, then let us know so we can lend a hand).

You will now be given the option of assigning your old content to the current user (shown in the example as admin) or create a new user in your new WordPress installation. Just choose the default user for now. You should also tick the option to Download and import file attachments for your old posts (just tick the box).

Step 4 - Redirect your old domain name to preserve SEO

Just like when you change a telephone number you can setup a redirection from your old site to your new one. This is called a 301 Redirection, and is the way to tell the world about your new home. This will help preserve your search engine positioning.

While this isn't free, offers something called Offsite Redirect, which provides this service. Go to your dashboard and click on the Store menu item. The upgrade you need is called Offsite Redirect. You will need to provide your new domain name, and will do the rest,.