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How to check your disk space and bandwidth usage

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This article will show you how to determine your cPanel account's space and bandwidth usage.

This article assumes that you have already logged into your cPanel account.

Checking your space and bandwidth usage

Once you are logged into cPanel click on the little Dashboard icon - which looks like a gauge.

You can now quickly see how much space and bandwidth your account is using. To find out in more detail click the DISK USAGE or BANDWIDTH links.

Checking where your space is being used within your account

Click on the DISK USAGE link as shown above, or alternatively from your main cPanel window, you can click on the Disk Usage icon.

The top of the resulting page will give a high level summary. Clicking on the directory names will open the FileManager.

Unless you know what you are doing, DO NOT delete files from anywhere other than public_html (and don't go deleting files from public_html unless you understsnd how this will affect your website!). These statistics are NOT updated in real time, but are done periodically, so it may take some time to update if you have deleted large amounts of data.

More detail

If you scroll down you can see another table, which is calculated in real time. You can drill down through the directories to find exactly where space is being used by using the table at the bottom of the screen. Just click on the little [>] icons to expand a directory to show the space used by each sub-directory within it.