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Creating Custom Error Pages

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Creating custom error pages is actually a quick and easy task and can be achieved with very few steps, some premium paid themes even include custom 404, 403, 500 and other error pages. Alternatively you can also design your own custom pages in HTML/CSS.

Once you've created your custom error pages you can reference them in your .htaccess file in the following format;

ErrorDocument 403 403.html
ErrorDocument 404 404.html
ErrorDocument 500 500.html

In the example above, a 404 'Page Not Found' error rather than showing the generic server 404 page will show your custom designed 404 page in its place themed to match your site of course.

Other error codes/pages can be created however we find that the above three will cover 99% of use cases for most customers. If you wanted to add additional pages, you would simply add them on to the file in the same format provided above.