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Create Sub-User Accounts

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This process is designed for creating sub-account access to your Onyx Portal and all settings within it. This process will not create a new WordPress admin user. If you wish to create a new WordPress user to permit the creation of new content etc. then you can do so within that individual site’s WordPress Admin Dashboard.

The Onyx platform contains functionality which enables you as the account owner to create sub-accounts and assign those sub-accounts to one or more individual Onyx sites. Situations where this will be of benefit include:

  • An individual assigning access to their website developer.
  • An agency wishing to allow their customer direct access to their Onyx site but not any other Onyx site’s within their plan.
  • An agency wishing to permit one of their staff access to selected sites only.

When you setup another user in your Onyx account all you will have to do is provide their email address and select which site(s) they are permitted access. Once this is done the Onyx platform will send the user an email. If the user already has Onyx sites under that email address then they can signing as normal and select the newly allocated sites from their portal. If this is their first Onyx site then will be asked to setup a password prior to being able to access the sites. The new user will be able to sign-in to the Onyx Portal from the Onyx website itself, just as the account holder would.

To set up your sub-user(s) follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your Onyx Portal
  2. From the top menu bar select your name, next to Sites
  3. Click Manage Users.
  4. Click Add a user
  5. Enter the users email address
  6. Select which site(s) you wish to provide them access to.
  7. Click Create Service User

That’s it! The new user has been created and will now receive an email with their next steps.