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Moving your website from JustHost

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Moving your website from JustHost

This article shows you how to move your account from JustHost to Krystal Hosting. If you don't already have a Krystal cPanel account, then now is the time to purchase one! Just go along to our website and sign up to one of our plans!

IMPORTANT - The cPanel account you initially purchase is TEMPORARY and will be DESTROYED when we import your backup from JustHost. Feel free to login and use your account, but DO NOT store any valuable data on there.

Step 1 - Purchasing your Krystal cPanel account

While purchasing your Krystal cPanel account, you will be asked about which domain name you wish to associate with your cPanel account. You can make the following choices

  • Register a new domain - You can of course register a new domain, but if you are transferring a website, then you probably want to keep the existing domain and choose from 2, or 3 below.
  • Transfer your domain from another registrar - Choose this if you want to move your domain to us, so that you pay us for renewals in future.
  • I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers - Choose this if you intend to leave your domain with the existing registrar, and just reconfigure it to point at our nameservers.

If you choose your website's existing domain name, that's fine (and recommended!) - This doesn't mean that your website will suddenly stop working, it just tells our systems to get ready to serve a website under your production domain. Continue through the purchase process in the normal way and your account will be created once you have paid.


Step 2 - Create full backup at JustHost

Log into your JustHost Pro cPanel account, and look for the Site Backup & Restore icon in the Files area and click it.

On the next screen, click Full cPanel Backup.

On the next screen, choose which backup you wish to restore (check the dates for the most recent one).

Leave the default option (TAR) and click the Start Archiving button. The system will then work for a while as it creates an archive file for you to download.

Click the Click Here to Download link to save the backup archive to your computer. It may be a very large file, so this can take anything from a few minutes to several hours.

Uploading your backup to your Krystal cPanel account

Using the details in your New cPanel Account Information welcome email, connect using FTP to your Home Server name.

Using your FTP softare, upload the backup file from JustHost into the root of your new home directory.

If your backup file is less than 100Mb you should also be able to upload it using the cPanel FileManager.

Once your backup file is uploaded, then raise a Support Request, asking us to restore your JustHost cPanel account, being sure to tell us your new Krystal cPanel account username (the one we will destroy after the restoration is complete).

Our technicians will then restore your backup file, destroy your temporary cPanel account, and send you another New cPanel Account Information email with your permanent settings.