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Getting Started

Please find below our list of Getting Started guides to help with your hosting account.

Migrating to Krystal: an overview

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This is an overview for anyone who would like to move their hosting and domains to Krystal - and who wouldn't?

Domain Option 1 - Transferring your domain to Krystal (recommended)

To find out how to actually transfer your domains to Krystal (so you pay us in future for renewing them), please read these articles:

Transferring .uk domains into Krystal Transferring non uk into Krystal Once they are transferred AND you have copied your website over (see below) then you can set the nameservers to ours:

How do I set my domain's nameservers?

Domain Option 2 - Leaving your domain where it is (more advanced) and using Krystal's nameservers

For business reasons, you may have to leave your domain with the current registrar (maybe it's been registered less than 60 days, for instance). In this case, you must change the nameservers for your domain to Krystal's AFTER you have copied your website over (see below).

Krystal's nameservers are detailed here

Moving your website files to Krystal

All websites are made up of files, which can include php files, html, css, jpg, gif and other's. Depending on who your website is currently hosted, your website files may be in a directory with any of the following names (and possibly others)

public_html/ www/ htdocs/

You need to download ALL files from your old website directory and then upload them into your Krystal cPanel account's public_html/ directory. For more information please read:

Where do I upload my website files?

Moving your databases

Export your database(s)

Firstly, you will need to export (or "dump" to use the technical term) your MySQL databases (we don't host Postgress) to a file that you can then download. Your existing hosting provider's documentation should show you how this is done.

Create new database(s) in cpanel

Create a new database in cPanel as a placeholder for each of the databases you exported from your existing hosting provider. You can follow this guide:

How to configure MySQL databases in cPanel

Import your database(s)

Then, you can import your database using the phpMyAdmin tool within your cPanel account. We have a video and screenshot guide here:

How to import a database using phpMyAdmin If your database is very large you can use this technique:

How to import a large database into MySQL