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Getting Started

Please find below our list of Getting Started guides to help with your hosting account.

How to reset a cPanel password

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If you use a bad password more than 5 times within 5 minutes, then you will get blocked by the firewall, so don't try to guess your cPanel password repeatedly.

If you have forgotten your cPanel password, or it has been reset by others, then you can easily reset it yourself, via your Krystal Client Area at

Step 1 - View your Web Hosting Services

Once you are logged in, click on the Web Hosting link.

Step 2 - Reset the password

Simply click the RESET PASSWORD button and enter your new password in the window provided.

Firewall Blocked?

If you can no longer reload the cPanel login screen (your browser just times out) then it is likely you have blocked your IP from the firewall. To undo this, please read the article - Firewall block - I can't connect to website or email. If you have done that, and still experience problems, then please raise a Support Request.