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How to configure cPanel contact Information

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How to configure cPanel contact Information

Each cPanel account has its own contact email settings. This is so that the administrator of the cpanel account can receive warnings and alerts from the server regarding things like disk space usage, and security alerts.

This email address is initially set to your main Krystal client login email address (at the time the cPanel account was created). However, you are free to set it to a more appropriate recipient.

Reseller, especially, may want to use an email address dedicated to managing system alerts for each of their customer cPanel account.

Click on the cPanel username (top right)

Once logged into cPanel, look in the top right of the screen, and click on the cPanel username as shown, and then click on the Contact Information menu item.

Set contact information as required

Note that the email addresses will be rejected if they are within a domain managed by the cPanel account - this is to prevent a situation where we would be unable to contact you if there was a problem with the account.

NOTE: Security alerts get sent to the PRIMARY email address ONLY (The top/first one).

Select notification settings

Select the options you require. and click Save

NOTE: Security notifications cannot be disabled.