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How to clear your web browser cache

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Web browsers cache a lot of data - they can store cookies, pages, images, even DNS data. Clearing everything out is the surest way to eliminate browser related issues when trying to solve problems with logging in, seeing stale pages, or page not found errors.

Here is how you reset the temoporay/cached data for the most common browsers.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Microsoft Edge

The first step is to click on the ellipse (...) icon at the top right of Edge, and then click on Settings from the drop down menu.

Then, click the Choose what to clear button.

Then, tick the boxes as shown, and click the Clear button.

Mozilla Firefox - Windows

Microsoft Windows users should first click the Firefox menu button (1), at the top right then hover your mouse over to the History menu item (2).

This will cause another menu to popout - click on the Clear Recent History menu item.

This opens the dialog box as shown - click the Details button and select just the Cache option. Click the Clear Now button.

Firefox - Mac users

Mac users should simply click on the Tools menu, and then click the Clear Recent History... menu item to get much the same set of options.

Then (Win/Mac) just select Everything from the Time range to clear drop down combo box, and tick all of the boxes, and click the Clear Now button.

Google Chrome - Windows

Microsoft Windows users should first click the menu icon (top right) to display the preferences menu. Then hover over the More tools menu item to display a popout menu. From the popout menu click on the Clear browsing data menu item.

MAke selections as shown to clear any cached data, and click the Clear browsing data button.

Chrome - Mac users

Mac users can follow the same route as Windows users or, more quickly, just click the Chrome app menu and click Clear Browsing Data...

Apple Safari

Click on the app Safari menu (Mac), click the Clear History... menu item. Safari doesn't give you a choice of what to clear (unless you enable the Developer mode - in which case, we expect you know what you are doing already) - just clear everything.