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How fast will my purchase be processed?

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cPanel account creation and upgrades

Once you have paid for your new account or your upgrade, it is put into a job queue for creation. Normally, new accounts are created within a minute or so, and your welcome email will be sent to you with your login details once completed.

Upgrades from a Standard Plan (Amethyst, Topaz or Ruby) to another Standard Plan, or from a Premium Plan (Sapphire, Diamond) to another Premium Plan are nearly instant and do not incur any downtime or disruption.

Upgrades between Standard, Premium, and Reseller Plans involve moving your cPanel account to a different platform and will therefore be carried out my a technician at a mutually convenient time we will agree with you.

Domain Names

New Domain purchases are normally processed within a few seconds (unless there was a problem with the details you supplied). If your domain name does not appear in your client area after purchase, please get in touch with us to resolve the issue.

Domain transfers - a lot of things have to happen in order for a domain transfer to take place - A domain transfer can complete from within a few minutes to a few days depending on many external factors (including the existing registrar). Please search for domain transfers in the Knowledge Base for more information. Unlike some companies Krystal DO NOT CHARGE for transferring domains away.