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How can I find my Home Server name?

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Every Krystal cPanel account lives on a Home Server.

The Home Server name is useful as it provides another way to connect to your hosting services other than your own domain name. You can find your Home Server name in your "Welcome to your new cPanel account" email (also called your Welcome Email) that you should have received when you took up your hosting plan.

If you don't have that any longer, don't panic, it's very easy to find out what it is.

How to determine your Home Server name

Open a web browser, and go to the following URL: http://yourdomainname/cpanel - using your own domain name instead.

For example, if your domain name is, you would go to

When opening the address, your browser will be redirected to the server's secure login URL. The example image shows what you would see if your cPanel account's Home Server was (the bit between the two forward slashes, and the colon).

Your Home Server is the internet name given to the server where your hosting account resides.

What can I use the Home Server name for?

You can always use the Home Server name to gain access to your services. This is especially useful if there is a problem with your domain name.

Webmail - http://homeservername/webmail
cPanel - http://homeservername/cpanel
SSL secured email - always use the Home Server name for your incoming (POP£/IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) servers instead of mail.yourdomain otherwise you will receive security warnings.
Shared SSL certificate for secure web pages - https://homeservername/~yourcpanelusername
FTP and SFTP - Just connect your FTP client using the Home Server name as the FTP/SFTP host.