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SpamExperts - Clearing the callout cache

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This article will show you how to access SpamExperts Email Protector and Clear the Callout Cache. This article assumes you are already logged into cpanel.

Accessing the StriKe system

You can access the SpamExperts configuration settings for your cPanel account via the Mail section, and clicking on the SpamExperts icon.

Clear callout cache - clearing StriKe's cache of "known good mailboxes"

When SpamExperts tries to deliver mail to a Krystal mailbox address but gets rejected for whatever reason it records the fact. In future, SpamExperts will automatically reject messages sent to this Krystal mailbox without checking your cPanel account for several hours. This is to minimise network traffic. This list is not maintained forever, and is mainly there to prevent hammering by spammers.

If you recently moved a domain to us, and someone tried to send email to you before you had configured your mailbox in cpanel, it's possible that your mailbox address is in the callout cache. Until it is cleared, you won't receive any email into that mailbox.

To clear the Callout cache click the Clear callout cache icon.

This will show the Clear callout cache page - again, just click the Clear button. That's it. The next time mail arrives it will be delivered normally.