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SpamExperts - Adjusting SpamExperts mail routes for correct mail delivery

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This article will show you how to access SpamExperts Email Protector and Adjust the SpamExperts mail route. This article assumes you are already logged into cpanel. Accessing SpamExperts You can access the SpamExperts configuration settings for your cPanel account via the Mail section, and clicking on the SpamExperts icon. (Note, this may show as Professional Spam Filter on some servers, please look for the icon). Once selected, please press the 'Login' hyperlink associated to your domain name you wish to adjust. Select 'Destinations' from the SpamExperts main menu. Once you've clicked 'Destinations', further click 'Add a Destination' at the top left hand of your screen. Once clicked, enter the following details into the 'Add a destination' option screen. Please note, change the 'host' field with the hostname of the server your account is on. You can find this information in your Welcome E-mail when you had signed up. Nearly there! Once this server has been added, then select the dropdown associated to your domain name on the same line, and select 'Remove'. That's it all done! Don't forget to Clear Callout Cache to ensure your changes take immediate effect.