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Incoming email not arriving in your Krystal mailbox

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There are many reasons why an email message sent to you doesn't arrive in your Krystal inbox. Please help us troubleshoot by checking each of these steps carefully to eliminate them before raising a Support Request.

If you are ABSOLUTELY sure you have not changed any configuration settings then you can skip to STEP 5

Step 1 - Check correct MX records are configured for your domain

The MX records (available from the MX Entry icon in cPanel) should be set to


You can check this in

  • Windows by opening a command prompt (clicking the Start button, entering cmd and pressing )
  • Mac OS X by opening the Terminal (just type Terminal into spotlight)application

and typing:

nslookup -ty=mx

This will return something similar to this       MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =       MX preference = 20, mail exchanger =

This shows that is configured correctly for our servers (mail exchanger = and mail exchanger = If you do not have these two entries, then please read the guide on managing your MX entries to correct your MX records. If your domain is managed elsewhere then you must set the MX entries manually using the tools available on the foreign system.

Step 2 - Check that your domain is configured correctly in SpamExperts

SpamExperts is Krystal's spam filtering service. and are the SpamExperts servers themselves. Your incoming email lands on SpamExperts first, gets inspected for spam and malware and then it gets delivered to your Home Server and finally into your mailbox. Normally this process takes a few seconds. Make sure that your delivery Route is configured correctly.

Step 3 - Clear the Callout cache in StriKe

If you recently added the mailbox which is experiencing difficulty, then it is possible that the mailbox is being seen as invalid by SpamExperts - particularly if someone tried to send you email before you managed to configure the mailbox. Clear the Callout cache. This won't make a missing message magically appear, but if you ask your correspondent to re-send the email message to you, it should be delivered correctly.

Step 4 - Ensure your domain is set for local delivery

It is possible that your domain has been incorrectly set as a Remote Mail Exchanger. This means that your Home Server would reject any mail it received for your domain. It is simple to correct your domain to a Local Mail Exchanger by reading How to configure MX records and mail routing.

Step 5 - Check the message was received by SpamExperts and isn't in your Spam Quarantine

The SpamExperts system might have classed the incomming message as spam, or found some other issue with it - or might not have received it at all.

  • Check for the message in the SpamExperts logs
  • Check for the message in your SpamExperts Quarantine.

Step 6 - Check that your mailbox is not over quota

If your mailbox or cPanel account are over quota then you won't be receiving any new mail.

Step 7 - Submit a Support Request

If all of the above looks like it's in good shape, then by all means submit a Support Request including the following information:

  • The sender and recipient address of the email message
  • The exact date/time it was sent (please try and obtain this information from your correspondent if possible)
  • Any error the sender received after sending the message