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If you suspect outgoing email is being rejected due to blacklist issues

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Although very unlikely, if you suspect that the Krystal server on which your cPanel account is based has been blacklisted, then please raise a support request and include the following information:

  • The sender and recipient email addresses
  • The exact date/time you tried to send the message
  • Any failure message you received after sending the message

It is critical that you provide this information for a specific message that failed - without this we cannot determine the exact reason for the message failure.

If you suspect that your email address is being used to send out spam, then we urge you to change your email password immediately, and let us know what you found. We will always investigate suspected unauthorised access as a priority.

If we find any mailbox is being used to send spam, then we will shut down the mailbox (by randomising the password) or we will suspend the cpanel account, depending on the severity of the breech we find.