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How to transfer mailbox and email messages from another hosting provider

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If you move your hosting to Krystal and your old hosting was also cPanel based, then all of your mailboxes, and their associated messages and folders will be transferred, so you don't have to worry.

However, if you are moving to Krystal from a hosting provider who is not cPanel based, then transferring your mail to us can still be done using most good email clients. For simplicity, we recommend this is done using a reliable desktop email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Apple

The basic steps involved are described below:

Step 1 - Recreate the required mailbox addresses in cPanel

Login to your new Krystal cPanel account and add the necessary mailbox addresses to our system. So, if you have a mailbox called on your existing hosting account, then simply add a mailbox called johnsmith to the domain in your new Krystal cpanel account. You can read about how to add mailboxes here:

How to create a mailbox in cPanel

NOTE: At this point, your email will continue to be delivered to your old mailbox because we haven't yet reconfigured your domain name to point at our servers.

Step 2 - Backup all mail from old server to local folders

Using your email client, create local copies of all mail on the old server. This is usually achieved by dragging and dropping folders from the old mail server to your local folders within your mail application.

Step 3 - Connect your email client software to the Krystal cPanel mailbox

You must now connect your email software to your new mailbox using IMAP. The basic settings for connecting to your mailbox using IMAP are described in the following article:

What are my email configuration settings

Step 4 - Copy messages from your old mailbox to your new one

Once you are connected to your new Krystal mailbox, you should be able to simply move messages using drag-and-drop from your old mailbox folders to your new ones. If you have extra folders setup in your old account (other than the default inbox, sent, draft, junk folders) then you may have to manually re-create them first in the new mailbox before moving messages into them.

Moving hundreds of messages may take several minutes, or even hours to complete, especially if the messages have large attachments. Unless it is imperative that your messages are available on the server, it may make more sense to simply copy them to a local folder using your PC/Mac's email software. This means that they will only be available on the PC/Mac you are working with, but it does save you the time of uploading them all to your new mailbox.