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How to report spam to the cloud using WebMail

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Sometimes, messages which seem like spam manage to get through our filters. Sometimes messages which are not spam (ham) get blocked. Spam is very difficult to analyse with 100% accuracy. SpamExperts uses on crowdsourcing to obtain information on new spam threats. You can add to the accuracy of the system by submitting spam or ham messages to the system as follows.

Log into Webmail and open Horde

Log into your mailbox using WebMail. Once logged in, open the Horde webmail client.

Revealing the message source code

Locate the message you want to report. Then click on the View Source link as indicated.

Saving the message source code as an EML file

This will reveal a popup window containing the full raw source code of the email message including all of the information we need. Simply copy and paste the data into a plain text editor such as notepad (Windows), or Textedit (Mac). Then save the document with any name you like, but remember to put .eml on the end.

Manually uploading the EML file to SpamExperts

Log into cPanel and click on the SpamExperts icon in the EMAIL section.

In the Incoming section, click on the appropriate button.

Upload the EML file to StriKe

Using the Report Spam function in SpamExperts, upload your EML file. If you are unsure how to log into SpamExperts, just log into your cPanel account and click on the SpamExperts eMail Protection icon.