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How to create a mailbox in cPanel

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This article will show you how to create a mailbox in cPanel. This article assumes you are already logged into your cPanel account.

Step 1

Click the Email Accounts icon in the Mail section of cPanel.

Step 2

In the next screen, fill in the details for the new mailbox.

  1. Email : enter the username for the email address (the bit that goes in front of the @ symbol).
  2. Domain : Choose the domain under which the mailbox should be created.
  3. Password : Choose a secure password, or use the Password Generator.
  4. Mailbox Quota : Set a quota for the mailbox if desired. The value is in megabytes. If you choose to set it to Unlimited, then the mailbox will be allowed to fill up your cPanel account's total quota.
  5. Click the Create Account button to finish.

Step 3

To manage the mailbox settings and password, look for the mailbox you just created in the list at the bottom. Click the More button to reveal further possible functions.

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