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How to configure Windows Live Mail for IMAP

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This article assumes that you have already configured a mailbox using a Krystal cPanel account. To carry out the instructions in this article you will need the Manual Settings for your mailbox. You can obtain these in cPanel > Email Accounts by clicking on the More button next to your mailbox details, and selecting Configure Email Client.

Step 1

Start the Live Mail application from the Start Button, or by opening it from the Applications folder or Desktop.

Step 2

Click the New Email Account button ( the @ symbol with the green plus symbol)

Step 3

Enter your basic information according to the mailbox you have created in cPanel previously. Make sure the Remember this password and Manually configure server settings check boxes are both ticked. Then, click the Next button.

Step 4

In the Configure server settings dialog, enter information as below. Your Server address fields (1 & 2) should be set to your Home Server name. If you are unsure what this is, it is mentioned in your welcome email. Set Login user name (3) to the full mailbox address. Then, click the Next button.


If all goes well, you should see the following message. Simply click the Finish button.

Step 6 - Configuring IMAP Folders

It is important to tell Live Mail about the IMAP folders on the server so that everything hooks up smoothly. To do this, select the Accounts menu, then select your new mailbox account from the list down the left, and then click the Properties button to reveal the advanced settings for the account.

Select the IMAP tab as below, and set the values exactly as shown. This will allow you to store your Sent, Drafts, Trash and Junk on the server correctly.

General Troubleshooting

If you suspect you may have configured your account incorrectly, then you can check all of the details as follows.

Servers - Make sure you have the correct Home Server name configured (shown as below), and that your password is correct!

Security - Nothing to see here, move along!

Advanced - Outgoing mail port must be 465 with Windows Live Mail SSL - Port 25 will not work as Live Mail does not send the correct EHLO command prior to requesting STARTTLS from the server.