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How to configure Windows 8 Mail

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This article assumes that you have already configured a mailbox using a Krystal cPanel account. To carry out the instructions in this article you will need the Manual Settings for your mailbox. You can obtain these in cPanel > Email Accounts by clicking on the More button next to your mailbox details, and selecting Configure Email Client.

Step 1 - Start Mail

Start Windows 8 Mail by clicking/tapping the Mail tile on the Start Screen.

Step 2 - Configure you Microsoft Account

If you have not already done so, you will have to tell Windows what your Microsoft Account login details are. This could be your MSN, Hotmail, SkyDrive, XBOX Live, or Live account login details. If you don't have one, then you can create one by following the onscreen instructions.

If at the end of logging in (for example, if your Microsoft signin is a gmail account) you may be asked if you want to add your gmail or hotmail account. Just click Cancel at that point if you do not want to link Windows 8 Mail to that account. It won't affect the rest of this process.

Step 3 - Add a custom mailbox configuration

Once Mail opens you might see this in the bottom left corner. Click View all in Settings and proceed to step 5

Step 4 - Alternate way of accessing settings

If you don't see the menu in the bottom left, then open the charms bar -cand click Settings

Then click on Accounts from the popout menu. Then click Add an account.

Step 5 - Actually creating your account

Who said Windows 8 was going to be easy?! You should now be looking at the Add an account menu! Click Other Account.

Step 6 - Enter account details

Enter your Email address and Password (as configured in cPanel previously) in the boxes provided and click the Connect button.

Step 7 - Confirming connection details

Windows will guess the wrong server details, and repsent you with another screen as below. Fill in the details as required.

Email address : Enter the full mailbox address (already filled in)
Username : Enter the full mailbox address
Password : Mailbox password (already filled in)
Incoming (IMAP) email server : Enter your Home Server name - Port : 993
Incoming server requires SSL : Ticked
Outgoing (SMTP) email server : Enter your Home Server name - Port : 465
Outgoing server requires SSL : Ticked
Outgoing server requires authentication : Ticked
Use the sane username and password to send and receive email : Ticked

Click the Connect button. If you receive any errors at all, please check your setting very carefully, ensuring you have entered the mailbox address and passwords correctly.

Step 8 - Configuring IMAP folders

Open the charms bar -cand click Settings, then click Accounts, then click the account that you just created.

Scroll to the bottom of your account's settings and set the Special folders area up as shown below. Once you have done this just click somewhere in the main screen area to close the settings bar.