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How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac for SSL IMAP

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This article will show you how to configure Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac to connect to a cPanel based mailbox using IMAP and SSL encryption.

This article assumes that you have already configured a mailbox using a Krystal cPanel account. To carry out the instructions in this article you will need the Manual Settings for your mailbox. You can obtain these in cPanel > Email Accounts by clicking on the More button next to your mailbox details, and selecting Configure Email Client.

Step 1

Start Outlook for Mac from the Dock or from the Applications folder

Step 2

From the Outlook menu, select Accounts...

Step 3

From the Accounts window, click the E-mail Account button as shown.

Step 4

In the roll-out dialogue box, fill out the details exactly as shown noting the following exceptions:

  • E-Mail address : The mailbox email address in full
  • User name : The mailbox email address in full
  • Incoming server & Outgoing server : This will be your home server address as supplied in your welcome email

When you are sure you have done this accurately, click the Add Account button.

You should now see a summary of your account settings as shown. Click the More Options... button.

Step 5

From the roll-out dialogue box, ensure that Authentication is set to Use Incoming Server Info. Click OK to confirm the setting. Then click the Advanced... button.

Step 6

From the advanced options roll-out dialogue Server tab set the options as shown. Then click the Folders tab.

Step 7

You should find that the settings will already be exactly as shown. If not, adjust them so that they look exactly as shown. When finished, you can click OK. Then close the Accounts window in the usual Mac way by clicking the little red button at the top left.

Step 8

Congratulations! You have now configured your email account for IMAP access in Outlook 2011. You will find the contents of your new mail account in the left column of Outlook.

Pleasde refer to the Microsoft documentation for further help on using Outlook.