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Domain Names

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Managing DNS zone records for domains without a cPanel account

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If you have a domain name in your account and don't wish to associate it with a cPanel account, you can still manage the DNS records for standalone domains via your Krystal Client Area.

While all cPanel hosting accounts use and, the standalone DNS hosting manager uses it's own nameservers which are

Once you have configured your domain using the standalone DNS hosting manager you must assign the above nameservers to your domain before your new DNS records will work.

Step 1

Log into your Client Area using your registered email address and password at

Step 2

From the top DOMAINS menu item click on DNS HOSTING.

Step 3 - Add a new domain

Click on the green plus (+) icon at the top of the page as shown.

Step 4 - Enter domain name

Enter your domain name in the box provided (1) and click the CREATE DNS ZONE & EDIT IT button

Step 5 - Editing your records

You can edit the following resource record types:

  1. A - Host records that offer the most basic host to IP address translation
  2. AAAA (IPv6) - As above but for IPv6 hosts
  3. MX - Mail Exchanger records tell the world which host handles mail for your domain
  4. CNAME - Canonical Name records offer a way to alias another domain's records quickly and easily
  5. TXT - General purpose text records - used mainly for DKIM and SPF email authentication records
  6. SRV - Server Resource records give information about services available at a particular host

To add a resource record simply click the large green plus (+) icon next to the relevant resource record type above. The example shows the addition of a host record for binky.yourdomain.

Step 6 - Entering hostnames

There are a couple of rules to remember when entering hostnames (i.e. the Name field) - for this example we will assume we are editing the zone for domain

1.) If the hostname you wish to enter is a subdomain of e.g. or - then you ONLY need enter the hostname part - e.g.

to add - just enter www
to add - just enter anything

2.) If the hostname you wish to enter is NOT goin in the Name field, for example the Mail Server field of an MX record - then you MUST enter the WHOLE Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) e.g. ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM (upper or lower case is fine - but it might be tidier if you stick to lowercase).