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How to Install PHP7 with Imagemagick on CloudLinux

By: Tom Mason in Administration

Posted on: January 22nd 2016 at 17:08pm

Firstly we want to get PHP 7 installed and updated to the latest version on your web hosting server. Please note this will also bring all your other PHP versions up to the cutting edge – I’ve not experienced any problems with this, but you could exclude them if you’re worried.

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PHP hash comparison bug – red alert?

By: Steve Sant in Administration

Posted on: May 11th 2015 at 13:30pm

A couple of days ago WhiteHat Security’s Robert Hansen, aka RSnake, accounced a PHP ‘Magic Hash’ vulnerability. In essence, it is common practice to hash user passwords using MD5 or SHA1, possibly mixing them up with salt values before storing them in a database for later use.

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Google to switch off PageSpeed service

By: Steve Sant in Administration

Posted on: May 07th 2015 at 13:33pm

Launched in July 2011, Google’s PageSpeed service has been adopted by many website owners to help speed up their visitors’ experience. PageSpeed does a number of things to speed up websites by optimising files, merging resources to reduce latency, adding caching directives, and much more.

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