The Fastest UK Web Hosting? Solid State Disks (SSD) & Other Speed Tweaks

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I’m delighted to announce that we have launched our first Solid State Disk (SSD) Web Hosting as part of a larger realignment towards the company’s mantra of “Speed, Support & Security”

Today’s update – Speed!

Speed Matters
Google now factor speed in their algorithm for ranking websites (Source: and numerous reports indicate that visitors to websites become frustrated if a page takes even more than 1 second to load, often browsing away to another site.

The pursuit of speed and fast loading websites has always been important to Krystal and so I wanted to let you know about a number of steps we’ve taken to make your web hosting the fastest it can be.

Firstly, we’ve installed a faster web server, called nginx (pronounced “engine-x”) in front of your website. Nginx proxies requests and operates a lighter framework than Apache (the standard web server) speeding up page response times. You and your clients should already be able to notice a decrease in page load times.

Secondly, we’ve REDUCED the number of sites we put per server. We’ve purchased additional servers and spread accounts and load out across our fleet. This means each server has less work to do and therefore more time per site, which translates in to less waiting around. I believe that we now put the LEAST number of sites per server of any shared host in the UK! We make less money per server but we hope that we’ll gain fanatical clients who’ll tell others how good we are.  :)

Finally, we’ve sped up our premium web hosting. Our “Sapphire” and “Diamond” web hosting plans now have DOUBLE and QUADRUPLE the server resources they had before  (CPU and RAM). With no more than 60 sites per server these accounts have a lions share of the server. For those of you who are after the very best in load speeds, or want a dedicated server like experience but at a fraction of the cost these are an excellent option.

But we haven’t just stopped there. In order to offer the fastest UK web hosting we’ve also added the option of Solid State Disks (SSD).

Solid State Disks will certainly be the future de-facto standard for computer hard drives as the performance they offer is unrivalled. They differ from normal hard drives in that they don’t have spinning platters, acting more like computer memory (RAM), instead. Because there’s no moving parts they’re in the region of 20 times faster. Combined with the new premium CPU and RAM limits we’ve introduced we think we’ve got a strong contender for the fastest web hosting available in the UK! As a result of the expense and smaller size of SSDs, these plans do offer less disk space and cost more but will give you the very fastest performance available. Krystal also offer the most amount of SSD space of any hosting company in the UK with 5GB on the Sapphire plan and 10GB on the Diamond.

All of our premium web hosting plans include more frequent backups, out of hours emergency phone support, a free SSL certificate and domain name for life and PCI-DSS compliance making them ideal for the most demanding businesses and power users. If you’re thinking that your website or company could benefit from Krystal’s premium hosting then please take a look at, contact us or ring 03333 44 1337.

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