UK SSD Web hosting now Live

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This week we have released our new website, and with it a number of new servers and services. Please see our UK Web Hosting page for specific details on the new products. We have also re-opened up signups for our Reseller Hosting as we have increased capacity.

The hardware that has joined the rest of our blade servers consists of

  • 2 x 6 core Intel XeonE5645  @ 2.40GHz per code
  • 32 GB Memory

We’ve put 3 new servers straight into the production pool:

  • Hermes – Shared
  • Eris – Reseller
  • Gobi – Premium SSD

We are most excited about the SSD servers, and we are hoping to bring SSD offerings to all of our plans when it becomes financially viable. It’s widely known in the hosting world, that the main constraint on web servers is caused by disk I/O – so SSD drives will be a big step into combatting server slowdown from disk activity.

I am aiming to post some benchmarks in the coming weeks to show the difference between SSD hard drives, and the normal 10k or 15k SAS drives that we use.

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