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Over at Krystal we’ve started provisioning all of our UK hosting servers with Cloud Linux. So far we’ve had a great experience with both new servers and converting CentOS over.

Over the last few weeks we’ve converted most of our shared hosting fleet of servers over to Cloud Linux to improve our hosting solution. For the reasons why, please read on…

Why Cloud Linux?

As a host of thousands of websites, we have to manage our servers to make sure that no single user can dominate the resources of a server. This has always been a battle when running CentOS with users able to eat up server memory using php, or compromised websites running perl scripts.

Cloud Linux enables us to set the maximum resources that a single user can consume based on CPU and Memory (Disk I/O is on the way too!) meaning that a single user can’t take up all a server’s memory and cause it to run out of swap and crash. It also means that users with large websites aren’t hogging resources from everyone else.

How does this affect me as a user?

The simple answer is that is shouldn’t at all. Chances are if you are on one of our shared hosting or reseller plans then you’ve already been moved over. You should see a few new statistics in your cPanel.

If you are running a very intensive website on one of our cheaper plans, then you could run into the limits set by Cloud Linux, but so far we’ve not had a single report of this.


The only current incompatibility we have is that R1Soft backups are currently not working with CloudLinux 6. We don’t know if this is just a CloudLinux 6 problem, or a Centos 6 problem. The R1Soft backups cause the kernel to crash (not even just a panic), requiring the server to have to be manually rebooted. R1Soft are aware of this problem, and there is an issue open since December, but no progress has been reported as of yet. Luckily we currently only have 4 servers running Cloud Linux 6 – Sahara, Dionysus, Demeter and Hera. We are taking extra cPanel backups for these servers at the moment to fill the void.

More Information

– If you are a dedicated server client and are interested in converting to CloudLinux then please open a support ticket.
– If you want more information on CloudLinux then check out their website :

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