DDoS – The march of the Zombies

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

Following on from a tumultuous week dealing with large scale DDoS attacks, many of our web hosting customers have been asked excellent questions about the attack, and even how they could help us. So, I’m going to give a brief … Continue reading

Hosting Product Updates

Posted on by Emma in News

Hello, My name is Kris and I’d like to introduce myself as the new Head of Products at Krystal. To kick off my tenure we’ve got a number of new products and improvements; Shared SSD Hosting Upgrades NEW CDN Service … Continue reading

Why HTTPS does not a secure website make

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

Forgive the Yoda style heading, but if ever there was some sage advice that webmasters should heed, it is this: Applying HTTPS should be furthest from your mind when securing a website. Before you shout Outrageous!, Irresponsible! or other more … Continue reading

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