Theresa May’s Internet Dystopia

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

Whilst listening to the radio today I heard the story of Tim Haines, a father who left his toddler in the car for 10 minutes while he popped into the pharmacy for some Calpol. While many of us would shake … Continue reading

Shellshocked by Shellshock.

Posted on by Frank Pearson in Security

So we all thought that Heartbleed would be the worst thing to happen this year, well we were all wrong! Enter Shellshock (‘ CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 ‘) Shellshock effects ‘Bash’ which stands for Bourne-Again Shell; it is used by many … Continue reading

Akeeba Backup for Joomla – time to upgrade

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

A security vulnerability has been uncovered in the popular Akeeba Backup plugin for Joomla that can allow an attacker to obtain a list of your backups and download them. The discovery was made by Marc-Alexandre Montpas of Sucuri. Insecure backups … Continue reading

Critical Java Updates coming

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

If you installed Windows yourself from installation disks, then Java isn’t installed by default, so you should know if you have it. If you purchased your machine from another vendor, such as Dell, Advent, HP to name a few, then … Continue reading

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