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When e-commerce software insists on LESS security!

By: Steve Sant in Security

Posted on: May 25th 2016 at 15:33pm

Today, we have re-enabled plaintext (unencrypted) FTP services, because of customer pressure – from customers who use e-commerce software that doesn’t support secure FTP!

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How to Install PHP7 with Imagemagick on CloudLinux

By: Tom Mason in Administration

Posted on: January 22nd 2016 at 17:08pm

Firstly we want to get PHP 7 installed and updated to the latest version on your web hosting server. Please note this will also bring all your other PHP versions up to the cutting edge – I’ve not experienced any problems with this, but you could exclude them if you’re worried.

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Use the new Krystal CDN service with WordPress

By: Emma Bailey in CDN

Posted on: September 09th 2015 at 14:59pm

A lot of you no doubt would have heard of MAXCDN and there are lots of tutorials on how to set it up using WordPress and W3 Total Cache. With Krystal though it’s really easy and simple to do assuming that your site is running WordPress and you have got the W3 Total Cache Plugin. If not then I recommend that you get it and activate it.

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Hosting Product Updates

By: Emma Bailey in Cloud Hosting

Posted on: July 23rd 2015 at 15:22pm

My name is Kris and I’d like to introduce myself as the new Head of Products at Krystal. To kick off my tenure we’ve got a number of new products and improvements;

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DDoS - The march of the Zombies

By: Steve Sant in Security

Posted on: July 23rd 2015 at 15:04pm

Following on from a tumultuous week dealing with large scale DDoS attacks, many of our web hosting customers have been asked excellent questions about the attack, and even how they could help us. So, I’m going to give a brief overview of the DDoS attacks we suffered, and hopefully answer a few questions along the way.

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No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering

By: Steve Sant in Security

Posted on: July 23rd 2015 at 14:07pm

A couple of days ago we were busy upgrading software across the fleet. A pretty regular task, and so it was with some concern that half way through the work the phones lit up and public access to our network became impossible.

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WordPress - Getting Started - Plugin installation

By: Emma Bailey in WordPress

Posted on: June 17th 2015 at 15:36pm

For WordPress hosting: This guide assumes you have already installed WordPress but if you haven’t please see our other guide here.

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CSRF Attacks – What they are, and why you should still be concerned

By: Steve Sant in Security

Posted on: June 11th 2015 at 13:14pm

Back around the turn of the millennium, few websites were “dynamic”. Most contained primarily static html files. Since then, the web has evolved into the exact opposite.

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Three simple mistakes that ruin your SEO

By: Steve Sant in Servers

Posted on: May 30th 2015 at 13:21pm

Your New Website Not Showing up in Google? You’re Probably Making These Three Simple Mistakes. There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when your new website is launched. You step back to admire your handiwork, and all your friends and family are amazed at what you can do.

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Why HTTPS does not a secure website make

By: Steve Sant in Security

Posted on: May 21st 2015 at 13:29pm

Forgive the Yoda style heading, but if ever there was some sage advice that webmasters should heed, it is this: Applying HTTPS should be furthest from your mind when securing a website.

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