Critical Adobe Reader update for Android

Posted on by Steve in Security

Security researcher Yorick Koster has discovered that it is possible to trigger Remote Code Execution by exploiting a vulnerability in the way the Android Adobe Reader implements Javascript APIs. His proof of concept was sent to Adobe, who have now … Continue reading

The OpenSSL Heartbleed bug simplified

Posted on by Steve in Security

Tuesday 8th April. As the death knell sounded for Windows XP’s support, many in the open-source community sat smugly as Microsoft Office was patched against yet another vulnerability. It is with some irony that 72hrs earlier Finnish security firm Codenomicon … Continue reading

Security Alert – JetPack Vulnerability

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Last Thursday in amidst the Heartbleed debacle, JetPack released a major security alert relating to CVE-2014-0173. All versions of Jetpack since 1.9 are vulnerable to an exploit which allows an unauthenticated user to post content to your website. So, it is IMPORTANT … Continue reading

OpenSSL Bug causes Data Leak – Patch Now!

Posted on by Steve in Support

Customers who are running our linux VPS or dedicated servers – should update the openssl package as soon as possible to protect against the so called heartblead vulnerability documented as CVE-2014-0160. Codenomicon has setup an informative website providing more details … Continue reading