Critical Java Updates coming

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

If you installed Windows yourself from installation disks, then Java isn’t installed by default, so you should know if you have it. If you purchased your machine from another vendor, such as Dell, Advent, HP to name a few, then … Continue reading

1 Week Since the End of the Interwebs

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

Heavens to murgatroid, as Snagglepuss might say. On 3rd June, we learned about the huge international crimefighting sting that took down the Gameover Zeus botnet and in turn also seriously degraded criminals’ ability to distribute the infamous Cryptolocker ransomware. There … Continue reading

Nominet – An opaque oligarchy in the making?

Posted on by Steve Sant in News

How would you feel if, on May 22nd, the only candidates you could vote for in the European elections were chosen by single group? And what if those candidates included wealthy business leaders with vested interests in decisions the parliament would make? Conspiracy … Continue reading

Internet of Things to Worry About

Posted on by Steve Sant in Security

Internet of Things : All your toasters are belong to us Imagine opening your emails in the morning to find a request from your refrigerator for a replacement water filter, a weekly energy report from your central heating system, and … Continue reading

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